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Restaurant - Cafe in Malaysia


Malaysia has recently topped it’s position in many rankings as destination for many westerners and other travellers seeking quality medical care in South-East Asia. Those who value well functioning infrastructure, affordable accommodation expenses and easy cultural accustomization that leads to easier communication that sometimes lack in it’s neighboring countries will find Malaysia has lot to […]

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Tulum beach, Mexico


Mexico, the southern neighbor of the United States of America, a country known for an exquisite and vast cuisine, unique natural landscapes and historical sites has in the past years made a great effort and progress through private and government funding to combine these aspect with top of the line medical care, making Mexico a […]

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The Puzzle of Anti-Aging and Prospects of Medical Tourism in India

Want to live up to 120 years old? Or even 250-300? It may sound like a fantasy or sci-fi, but there are research going on that lay some fascinating prospects on what may become reality in the near future. In this article we will examine some basics of integrative medicine and anti-aging therapies and offer more in-depth […]

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Flowers and leafs in the rain, Ubud, Bali

Indonesia – Bali

Indonesia, more specifically Bali that is many times referred as if being a country of it’s own, is the latest newcomer in taking steps to establish itself in the field of medical tourism in South-Eeast Asian region. Latest effort has been the opening of new BIMC Hospital in Nusa Dua that offers more conventional allopathic […]

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Wheelbarrow in Philippines - Great Luck


Philippines, a country that some guide books has long referred as “sick man of Asia” due to it’s socio-economical backwardness in some areas may sound like a newcomer in the field of medical tourism, but it has long traditions in serving foreign clientele among it’s own prosperous class in it’s JCI accredited Hospitals and clinics. […]

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Thailand-Laos flowers

Thailand and Laos

Thailand is boasting itself as nr.1 medical tourism destination in the world counted by number of visitors, but mostly major surgical procedures are contributing to that ranking. Or at least it used to be some years back, but as the industry is changing fast the current nr.1 is difficult to rank(2017). India might have taken […]

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Cow in India at Jaipur monkey temple


India is a huge country and enough has been said in most guide books about it’s diverse nature, society, mind blowing vibes and drawbacks in infrastructure and hygienic standards and so on and due to some initial impressions it may not be the first place to come into mind when thinking of where to go […]

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