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Where to eat and sleep in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Food and Shelter in Thailand and Laos

Maybe the headline should have been just Food and Shelter in Chiang Mai, but let me keep it that way as there will be more content to come. My experience in health or medical travels in Thailand is limited to Chiang Mai and short stay in Bangkok and passing by Khon Kaen. I have been […]

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Restaurant menu in Ubud, Bali

Food and Shelter in Bali

During my short time in Kuta I stayed at Ronta Bungalows at Legian st. Poppieslane 2. It is not the best location for staying longer as it is near the party hub, but still I found it relatively quiet and most affordable around that area. It is not at the main street, but the narrow […]

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Restaurant menu board in Goa, India

Food and Shelter in Goa

NORTH-GOA Still few years back Angel’s Haven guest house in Anjuna, which is colloquially known as “Aunties place” was really a gem, but in three years the prices have doubled and I did not afford it anymore(2014-2015). It used to be best one in North Anjuna for it’s price class. Rooms in the main building […]

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