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Dr.Lenny Da Costa image on the cover of magazine, Goa, India

Rafael Medicare Centre, South-Goa

The longest standing clinic offering integrative treatments in Goa is Rafael Medicare Centre in Margao run by Dr. Lenny Da Costa. Although I am left with impression that they started steering towards integrative approach almost about the same time than Healthy Healing Center that was opened around those times and which is now located in Sangolda. […]

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Healthy Healing Center - Goa, India

Healthy Healing Center, North-Goa

In North-Goa, at Healthy Healing Center, allopathically trained physician Dr. Shikha Aggarwal, originally from Punjab with loads of additional courses on integrative therapies, offers wide variety of treatments. In addition to the core practice, ozone and EDTA-(DMSA) chelation therapy and colon hydrotherapy that has been part of the detox programs since the early years of […]

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Ozone therapy for home use - Kröber O2 and Enaly 1000BT-12

Ozone at Home

First off all, so that I don’t have to copy paste copyrighted material, and before I go into details I suggest reading some basic information about ozone here and here. For some people, especially CFS patients even 2-4 months intensive healing program taken abroad is not enough to completely cure oneself, but will act as […]

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