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sailing in south-seas vs eboo therapy

5 Principles of Medical Travelling

1. Risk analysis Although this short post is meant for mental and spiritual prepping how to adjust your mindset for medical travels, it’s good to start by reminding of the importance to evaluate pros and cons before setting any plans. Most of the risks involved are related to surgery that lie on allopathic side, unlike […]

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Aden colon detoxification set

Survival kit and means of self-help

Here I will give you some ideas of easy-to-carry-around modalities you may find useful on the way as I did. I have tried them all on myself. Some of them might come as even must-have, like ordinary emergency pack, when you travel as a self help. Take it as an additional infopack for longer stay treatments that […]

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My Journey - Me sitting in Marrakech

My Journey

In addition to introduction part and to give some more insight to the journey that made me to come up with a website I would like to say few words here. It all started some years ago when I encountered something that later on became obviously an ailment called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome aka CFS. It was […]

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Ozone therapy for home use - Kröber O2 and Enaly 1000BT-12

Ozone at Home

First off all, so that I don’t have to copy paste copyrighted material, and before I go into details I suggest reading some basic information about ozone here and here. For some people, especially CFS patients even 2-4 months intensive healing program taken abroad is not enough to completely cure oneself, but will act as […]

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