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Balavi Viangping Natural Health Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Balavi Natural Health Center, Chiang Mai

For many years I had an itch to have a look at Balavi Natural Medicine Center and on my latest trip in December 2016 I made it my destination while in Chiang Mai. Dr.Banchob and Dr.Lalita, a married couple back then, both graduated from Ramathibodi Medical School, Thailand in 1973 and later attended a full […]

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Fah Lanna Spa - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Fah Lanna Spa, Chiang Mai

“Easy to find. Hard to Forget” is the most fitting slogan I have ever came across. So much so that I made an exception and decided to do a little review of a spa, places which I usually skip while concentrating on more integrative and functional medicine. To my surprise even spas may offer some […]

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Dr.Luis Suarez - Sanar Clinic

Sanar Clinic, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

-Review and pictures contributed by Nat Lefort- Located on the outskirts of the thriving city of Playa del Carmen, in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, is the Sanar Clinic for Integrative medicine. Founded and run by Dr.David Luis Suárez, the CEO and one of the founders of Health and Nature of the Riviera Maya and the […]

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Mahosot hospital acupuncture department, Vientiane, Laos

Mahosot Hospital and Dr.Sychanh Khamkong, Vientiane

In Vientiane, the capital of Laos, Mahosot hospital has dedicated one department only for TCM acupuncture. Dr. Sychanh Khamkong is probably the most skilled acupuncturist in the country. In addition of holding a degree of allopathic physician she has attended many courses in China for specializing in acupuncture. On the weekdays, daytime hours, she works […]

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Patsa Clinic outside, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Patsa Clinic, Chiang Mai

The newest private acupuncture clinic in Chiang Mai where English is spoken is now Patsa Clinic at the Moon Muang road near Sompet market. On my second trip to Chiang Mai in the end of 2016 I went to see it again to have better glimpse of what they are doing and was positively surprised […]

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Center of Thai Traditional Medicine, TTCM

Center of Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine, TTCM, Chiang Mai

Other clinics practicing TCM in Chiang Mai include Center of Thai Traditional and Complementary Medicine, TTCM, that functions under Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University. TTCM has two or actually three wings under one roof. Allopathic medicine, Thai traditional medicine and traditional Chinese medicine departments. Allopathic side provides medical consultation, general health checks and analysis(lab […]

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Dr.Wang's pharmacy near Warorot market

Dr. Sheng Zhong Wang, Chiang Mai

Another well established professional of TCM in Chiang Mai is Dr. Sheng Zhong Wang. He comes from China where he has earned university degrees in Chinese medicine but has lived in Chiang Mai since 1989 and has been operating as TCM doctor in conjunction with the Chinese medicine pharmacy near Warorot Market. It’s a pharmacy […]

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Mungkala clinic outside, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Mungkala, Chiang Mai

Mungkala is the longest standing and most well reputed acupuncture clinic in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This was the first acupuncture clinic I ever visited and tried and was left with no doubts of their quality. Tcm Dr. Rungrat Pawaradhisan has very gentle acupuncture technique using short needles that are inserted just by light fingertip push […]

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Fit n Fine ozone health care center - Bangalore, India

Fit n Fine Ozone Health Care Center, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Bangalore or Bengaluru as it’s locally called nowadays, which in many ways may not have much appealing in comparison to other historically important places in India, stands out as a first place in the country to host clinics offering ozone therapies for common people started by pioneering work of Dr. Ratna Alwa in the 90’s. […]

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