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Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center

Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center, Chiang Mai

When looking at the longest standing places for holistic healing in Chiang Mai besides Balavi Natural Health Center and one that is inside the moat you can’t miss Chiang Mai Ayurvedic Center that opened in 1999. They have more ayurvedic twist and modalities are mostly based on that approach, but in the other hand they […]

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Dr.Luis Suarez - Sanar Clinic

Sanar Clinic, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

-Review and pictures contributed by Nat Lefort- Located on the outskirts of the thriving city of Playa del Carmen, in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, is the Sanar Clinic for Integrative medicine. Founded and run by Dr.David Luis Suárez, the CEO and one of the founders of Health and Nature of the Riviera Maya and the […]

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The Puzzle of Anti-Aging and Prospects of Medical Tourism in India

Want to live up to 120 years old? Or even 250-300? It may sound like a fantasy or sci-fi, but there are research going on that lay some fascinating prospects on what may become reality in the near future. In this article we will examine some basics of integrative medicine and anti-aging therapies and offer more in-depth […]

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