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The Puzzle of Anti-Aging and Prospects of Medical Tourism in India

Want to live up to 120 years old? Or even 250-300? It may sound like a fantasy or sci-fi, but there are research going on that lay some fascinating prospects on what may become reality in the near future. In this article we will examine some basics of integrative medicine and anti-aging therapies and offer more in-depth […]

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Fit n Fine ozone health care center - Bangalore, India

Fit n Fine Ozone Health Care Center, Bengaluru, Karnataka

Bangalore or Bengaluru as it’s locally called nowadays, which in many ways may not have much appealing in comparison to other historically important places in India, stands out as a first place in the country to host clinics offering ozone therapies for common people started by pioneering work of Dr. Ratna Alwa in the 90’s. […]

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St.Anthony's hospital, Anjuna, Goa, India

St.Anthony’s hospital, Anjuna, Goa

As a sidestep out of the ordinary integrative medicine clinic trials I thought I could pay a visit to probably the Goa‘s most famous clinic that has established international recognition in drug rehabilitation, Saint Anthony’s Hospital and Research Centre, a private 40-bed facility in Anjuna, Goa. In fact it is closer to Vagator than Anjuna, but […]

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Restaurant menu board in Goa, India

Food and Shelter in Goa

NORTH-GOA Still few years back Angel’s Haven guest house in Anjuna, which is colloquially known as “Aunties place” was really a gem, but in three years the prices have doubled and I did not afford it anymore(2014-2015). It used to be best one in North Anjuna for it’s price class. Rooms in the main building […]

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Dr.Lenny Da Costa image on the cover of magazine, Goa, India

Rafael Medicare Centre, South-Goa

The longest standing clinic offering integrative treatments in Goa is Rafael Medicare Centre in Margao run by Dr. Lenny Da Costa. Although I am left with impression that they started steering towards integrative approach almost about the same time than Healthy Healing Center that was opened around those times and which is now located in Sangolda. […]

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Healthy Healing Center - Goa, India

Healthy Healing Center, North-Goa

In North-Goa, at Healthy Healing Center, allopathically trained physician Dr. Shikha Aggarwal, originally from Punjab with loads of additional courses on integrative therapies, offers wide variety of treatments. In addition to the core practice, ozone and EDTA-(DMSA) chelation therapy and colon hydrotherapy that has been part of the detox programs since the early years of […]

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Cow in India at Jaipur monkey temple


India is a huge country and enough has been said in most guide books about it’s diverse nature, society, mind blowing vibes and drawbacks in infrastructure and hygienic standards and so on and due to some initial impressions it may not be the first place to come into mind when thinking of where to go […]

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