Dr. Amorn Premgamone clinic outside, Khon Kaen, Thailand

Dr. Amorn Premgamone, Khon Kaen – A Stop Over for Bioresonance Scanning

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Dr. Amorn Premgamone, who works as Professor in Department of Community Medicine at Faculty of Medicine in Khon Kaen University, has private clinic in the center of the city where he offers Inergetix Co-Re bioresonance scanning and other related holistic therapies.

Considering his clinic is conveniently located along the popular tourist route between Bangkok and Vientiane, one can easily arrange an afternoon stop over in Khon Kaen. Taking train from Bangkok to Khon Kaen and then continuing by bus to Vientiane later. Or vice versa, taking bus from Vientiane to Khon Kaen and then continuing to Bangkok on the night train, as I did. Few hours is enough just for simple one time scanning to get rough and general idea what is going on in ones body. But of course taking longer therapy requires longer stay, but maybe Khon Kaen is not a place for long stay anyway. Dr. Premgamone is not the most fluent in English, but it is manageable and he does private consultations from 17.00 o’clock onwards on weekdays. You must check the weekend times if he is available.

Dr. Amorn Premgamone
Dr. Amorn Premgamone

He is originally trained to use Co-Re system by the people like Netnapa Suriyakhumwong from Natural Life Retreat near Chiang Mai, but the therapy he can offer is much more limited. But it is cheaper to take basic bioresonance scanning. The clinic is located only about 60 meters from the central bus station at Prachasamoson Road, opposite of Ratchada Nuson Garden. If coming from Udon Thani, the ordinary air-con buses go to a new bus terminal some distance out of the city, so it’s better to take one that stops at the center.

Besides listing some possible food sensitivities and emotional imbalances and suggestions which Chinese herbals could be used to balance them, the most important area is the bacteria, viruses and parasites. You could even find a cure for Blastocystis hominis. I got some hits, but to this day I haven’t re-checked if they are still there after I took some ozone at home and some MMS. It indicated helminthic pathogen although I thought I had already eradicated it. Maybe the respective frequency in my body had not yet been normalized or I still had some cysts or eggs hiding somewhere. I continued taking 1-2 rounds more Mebendazole and Albendazole after the bioresonance scanning anyway. It did not show up Blastocystis hominis that I was later found having according to stool sample. Blastocystis is more difficult to eradicate than helminths, which are not always easy either. (Edit: I have now eradicated Ascaris lumbricoides permanently by Spooky 2 Rife system) The “official” consensus is that there is no cure for Blastocystis hominis, but some sources claim Chlorine Dioxide aka MMS is effective against it. There are many strains of it, while some are pathogenic, others might be harmless.

I left the place being amazed how the scanning made me feel like naked in front of a computer. Afterwards I got a homeopathic remedy that was basically a small bottle of water imprinted with some frequencies the machine found I was in need of to continue treating myself. Once we were done the doctor gave me a ride to train station where I took a night train to continue to Bangkok. From there I went back to Chiang Mai again and did some more experiments with acupuncture.

Dr. Amorn Premgamone

Rachasamoson Road, opposite of Ratchada Nuson garden, Khon Kaen, Thailand

E-mail: amorn_p@kku.ac.th

Phone: +66 8 31477577

Click here to see the location and street view on map. On the left you should see the clinic and on the right side of the junction there is the bus station.

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