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Malaysia has recently topped it’s position in many rankings as destination for many westerners and other travellers seeking quality medical care in South-East Asia. Those who value well functioning infrastructure, affordable accommodation expenses and easy cultural accustomization that leads to easier communication that sometimes lack in it’s neighboring countries will find Malaysia has a lot to offer. And of course the 90 days visa given at arrival for most nationals is a great advantage. And usually no questions of onward flights will be asked even if you come on one way ticket.

English is commonly understood and semi-liberal Muslim culture is way more relaxed than in the Middle-East. Historically Malaysia has been exposed to more European influences than Thailand for instance, that affects the make up of it’s current population and culture. Foreigner can enjoy the few advances of so called multiculturalism which drawbacks and underlying tensions do not usually manifest in front of the occasional visitor as harshly as it does in Europe or USA nowadays. Still even today studies and problems of ethnic relations is daily topic in every level of education and even random tourist on the street can be invited to impromptu interview about what one thinks about the situation. And most doctors in reputable and accredited hospitals have been trained in the UK, USA or Australia.

In fact personally I would say Malaysia has become one of my favorite countries in SE-Asia, where even the upper echelon of society has or at least used to have awareness of globalist’s agenda and it’s malevolent influence in form of currency and interest speculation and resource (mis)management etc. Malaysia’s former prime minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was known for brave statements about globalists, something western leaders are too scared to say. Although it’s current government(2017) has received some criticism and some say the foundation of recent difficulties and economical downturn and corruption was laid already around the time or before Dr.Mahathir resigned in 2003.

There are chances he may indeed return to power in coming elections as he has been one of the loudest critics of the current government.(UPDATE: Indeed Dr.Mahathir is now the head of the new government) That may reverse the influence globalist financiers have gained over some institutions in Malaysia like stranglehold in medical politics that has taken too much steps towards Singaporean model putting natural and integrative modalities under unnecessary pressure and scrutiny.

petronas tower ticket counter
Petronas Towers built under Dr. Mahathir’s governance placed Malaysia in the map and skyline postcards. Although it’s not the tallest building in the world anymore, tickets are often sold out.

A research conducted by International Living released in January 2017 ranked Malaysian health care system the best in the world for those looking to retire overseas. Malaysia ranks number one ahead of Costa Rica, Colombia and Mexico, ranked second, third and fourth, respectively. Transparency Market Research (TMR) report for 2016 follow suit in it’s outcome, data showing dental treatments being in highest demand and aesthetics/cosmetic surgery segment trailed closely emerging as the second-leading market segment in the same year. But it’s good to keep in mind these more mainstream rankings do not count any integrative or unconventional methods like ozone therapy or they fall into some general wellness or alternative category which is usually not given much acknowledgement in mainstream media or reports. For those dreaming of getting over the hill before the most common age these stories of early retirement come in handy.

Medical tourism outside the capital is concentrated on three hubs, Johor Bahru, Melaka and Penang. Of course Kuala Lumpur has quality facilities too and by numbers it is second to Penang in popularity, but as a metropolitan city it’s prices are higher even in integrative modalities. Therefore many people take two and half hours ride straight from the airport to Melaka that hosts the country’s first hospital dedicated especially for medical tourism, Mahkota Medical Center. They even have annual milestones at display and free airport shuttle.

milestones in medical tourism

And linguistic similarities to some areas in Indonesia such as Pekanbaru and direct flight connections to Melaka’s own airport has made Melaka popular medical tourism destination for those Indonesians seeking quality health care. The aforementioned TMR report also clearly places Indonesia as the nr.1 source country of medical tourists.

In addition to it’s high class allopathic hospitals and facilities in recent years Malaysia has become a hub for affordable EBOO ozone therapy and in Melaka you can find couple of ozone clinics as well. One that gives EBOO treatments and EDTA chelation is short bike ride away from the main tourist hub that is concentrated into the old China town.

I heard rumors that the founder of the first clinic, known by moniker “Ozone Professor” that operated in Malaysia under the name of “Ozone Hospital” and “Ozone University” has now moved on to some other ventures, but many other clinics continue giving same treatments on much more affordable prices. Unfortunately last year(2016) some unlicensed beauty parlors were giving the practice negative publicity as local celebrities came out to promote the benefits of it and it resulted authorities to take measures that put the EBOO practitioners under even more pressure and supervision. However, the real specialists and doctors who run it under the natural treatment legislation without promoting any health benefits associated to it can still operate.

UPDATE: Since May 2017 ozone therapy has been banned in Malaysia and this article may be outdated in that regard. We are waiting better times ahead again, but until then you may want to ask around if anyone is still offering the treatments privately. I hope we could one day again call Malaysia the best place in the world to get EBOO ozone therapy.

Melaka is also a home to an educational center specialized on natural and holistic modalities, Malacca College of Science and Management. They even used to offer courses for becoming qualified EBOO therapist. That’s one of it’s kind in the world, but when I visited there in the end of 2016 that course was taking a break as there were not enough students enrolling for it at the moment.

If you are landing in Singapore it’s easy to reach Johor Bahru with direct airport connection called TS1 coach. Johor Bahru has couple of EBOO ozone clinics that receive many patients from Singapore that has banned such therapies for it’s citizens. The first one I went to see is Pusat Rawatan Komplimentari Ozone Treatment Centre.