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Welcome to Medical Travelling!

You may have seen plenty of blogs and websites focusing on adventures, nomadic lifestyle, expeditions, foods, etc. you name it. The aim of this one is to offer my readers insight to the possibilities that independent traveller can find in the field of affordable integrative, but still mostly recognized as alternative, medical treatments on their travels to Asia or Eastern European countries. Later I may add Latin-America and other countries on the lists. Most medical tourism related sites focus on either major allopathic surgical operations that are available to western tourist for a fraction of the price back home or just simple spa and massage related holidays.

Here I am going to present you the middle-way, what is on offer for instance in the field of ozone and chelation therapies, acupuncture, bio-resonance and any other similar modalities that have proven efficacy, but still fall into “alternative” category. Those that are also used as preventive measures against any chronic ailments. However, I feature few allopathic hospitals too as they offer some pathological testings that are useful for diagnostical purposes for sufferers of chronic diseases too.

Before reading any further I think you want to know who is behind the screen? Let me be an exception as a travel related blogger leaving my full identity undisclosed, and prefer staying low key. For the beginning as the site may refer to personal health issues, I wish everyone to respect the delicacy of the matters. However, I’m from Finland, man in my early 40’s(recently turned) and my first name is Tuukka. I know, sounds like a word with some spelling mistakes. But my rather small native territory is also one reason to act more unobtrusively. I don’t have a need to be celebrity in my neighborhood, famous for my health issues and being found by simple Google search of my name. So I did not jump in your face in the first lines by full-fledged biography, but instead wanted to leave this humble statement here. If you bother reading the whole article, or want to scroll down a bit you will find couple of more things about my personal history and interests.

Me in Bali at waterfall

The idea of this site was born during my trip to SE Asia in 2014 as I thought I wanted to share the knowledge I have gained over the last years on this field with others in similar position or anyone interested in same topics. The information so far, at least in the beginning, is based mainly on my trips to India and SE-Asia and independent research and studies, as well as my own experimentation with self-application methods, protocols and supplements over the last five years. (written in 2016) I had been to India earlier too where I actually started my personal healing journey, but that time I was not up with website, so those early experiences are written retrospectively and updated for the website. Later I went to Malaysia and continued expanding coverage in India.(writing still under construction)

In short, here you will find basically reviews of clinics, interviews of doctors, authentic success stories (or even less successful experiences), home remedies, self-help tips and bloggings around those topics. I’m fully aware that starting a travel related website from SE Asia is like cliche ridden idea, doomed to fail if it would be only sharing funny posts and images of mindless adventures, something that has been done thousands of times already by others. On my defense I have not found any other blog or website focusing on this special niche of integrative medicine in that area, I think this is something that needed to be covered before looking elsewhere.

I am not only listing some random clinics one can find on Internet, or the way some books on the topic are written without first hand experience, but most of the times trying out personally the methods, practitioners and clinics I have came across. Being your test rabbit:-) Hopefully this will expand soon to include others contributions too and I will gather them here under one roof, but so far I am independent as long as I get this started. I need to advertise a bit to save money for exploring or hiring other reviewers. But I am not posting often, starting with more static kind of website. And the blog part will be integrated soon too as well as discussion forum. There will be references of places I have only been in contact by e-mail or calling, but I will mention if that’s the case.

Young man climbing on electric pole, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Sometimes finding the root cause of your illness can take you to obscure and risky venues when testing different protocols.

In times of growing number of chronic diseases, complications and imbalances that many people face in more and more younger age due to increasing toxicity in our daily life and nutrition deficient food we eat, and in the other hand increasing mobility and medical treatment options available overseas, I think this information has it’s place among open minded travellers. You decide it. Give me feedback if you find or don’t find this helpful. I am doing my best to improve in any aspect. But my ultimate hope is that one day this site would become unnecessary in a sense that most countries would adopt these principles modalities to the their mainstream national healthcare plans and consequently making them available to everyone.

My focus in writing lies on the people who mostly know what they want and how to go about. Keeping in mind the independent budget oriented travellers instead of package tourist type of folks who prefer ready made deals and arrangements and maybe inpatient care. I surely don’t look down upon on those either, and anyone is welcome to read and ask further advice. In fact I would like to use suitcase instead of backpack more often, and I like package deals many times for the sake of stress reduction, but as we know it makes things more expensive and difficult to move around. And I may sometimes add some splurge options too what comes to accommodation etc. However, therefore I go straight to the point and introduce the clinics, common protocols and most closely related facts, minimizing the information on international logistics and other travel arrangements. But I will put out some suggestions for accommodation within easy reach from the respective clinic though. So it may help you to find good daily routines if taking a long therapy for couple of months. Like I said anyone is welcome to read and comment and ask further questions and I will try to answer the best I can. And I can try to give personal advices and travel recommendations too if anyone is interested.

Although you may find short references to yoga and other similar methods and activities that are available too, but because I am not specialized on those, I still leave them to lesser attention. They might be part of holistic approach however, such as Mandala dance or “five rhythms” dance sessions that can be found especially in many Indian and Thai destinations.

You will also find a list of medical travellers survival kit where you can see how to utilize oxygen based therapies along the way on your own if being far from any professional clinic and need self-help in case of urgent illness. And you will find how to use ozone therapy protocols at your home.

Walking towards gate in Paestum, Italy

To add few words about my personal history like I promised earlier, let me summarize the highlights. If looking from professional point of view, primarily I come from video production background added with some occasional sales experience, accompanied with interest in history, development and financial policies and volunteering and extensive travelling experience reaching years before my health issues came along. I have spent years abroad in many continents, including round the world trip and I could have made plentiful blog just about my basic travels, but I was not into webstuff those times and even simple diary was not taking off maybe due to lack of motivation and concentration or maybe just laziness;-). I used to keep in touch with friends by old-school e-mail and wrote few notes once in a while to small notebooks by hand. Also spiritual and existential matters have been bothering my mind, as surely many of us. When I was younger I made some music productions too in the field of electronic dance music, but in the last years I haven’t been very productive in that. But one day I may get active again. Also when I was younger I had short interest in bodybuilding and garment designing, but those did not get me further.

There is something I would like to say especially for western readers. My intention is not to become fully digital nomad, which is the trend nowadays for many bloggers, as I love my heritage and culture and would like to see it continue despite current political events that has pushed Europe and the whole western civilization into verge of collapse demographically, culturally, socially and financially. And it requires some sense of responsibility and idea of being rooted somewhere, not just partying and travelling ourselves into extinction for the sake of self-gratification. I like international collaboration and learning, but there’s no internationality without nationality. I woke up to these facts few years ago and hope more people of European heritage would do the same. Our birthrates in the west are somewhere between 1.2-1.7 which is under replacement level of 2.1. Of course there are many ways to contribute; some write, some nurture large families, and some explore the truths in life and share their knowledge etc. I try to do my part in one way or another.

As the site hopefully keeps evolving, like I said, I may step back into more administrator kind of role at some point, featuring reviews and bloggings mostly by collaborators in different countries where I am not able to go myself. One life is not enough to be everywhere and do everything by oneself. Will see where this is going to lead us.

More of my journey on medical travels and progress I refer in some reviews you may read here.

If instead you want to jump directly into clinic reviews and other relevant information, please see below…

Let us begin!







Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this article. Please note that when you click links and purchase items, in most (not all) cases I will receive a referral commission for maintaining this website.

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  1. 1) Hydrogen therapy was not mentioned in your article. Many (noncommunicable) chronic diseases can be treated (cured) with hydrogen therapy which is nontoxic, noninvasive, highly effective as anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic substance.
    2) How to put an ad on your website?

    1. Hi Simon, thank you for the comment. I think I have mentioned H2O elsewhere like in the self-help tips article. For the other question I will reply privately.

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