My Journey - Me sitting in Marrakech.

My Journey

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In addition to introduction part and to give some more insight to the journey that made me to come up with a website I would like to say few words here.

It all started some years ago when I encountered something that later on became obviously an ailment called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome aka CFS. It was self diagnosed however. But later I got “official” diagnosis from one doctor, one of the few in Finland who is specialized and knowledgeable in that.

This may sound like ordinary scenario for anyone suffering from CFS, but as we all know, normally a flue goes away in few days and one day you just wake up completely cured and refreshed after good night sleep. Although I used to have long recovery times the last eight years or so after taking all possible vaccinations like Engerix against hepatitis-B before my trip to Tanzania, my first long stay in a tropical country, one time something remained wrong as a consequence of an ordinary flue that lasted a week or so. My recovery time was exceptionally long and even after many weeks from the infection I was not able to exercise normally, go to gym or skiing without feeling lethargic the next two three days. No matter how much I slept, I was so weak that I barely could function on ordinary daily routines. That lasted for almost six months as I was waiting that things would get better, before I was finally seeking medical care because it became intolerable. Later I saw articles that were suggesting the connection between swine flue Pandemrix vaccine and increasing reported cases of CFS and Narcolepsy among children in the following years. I had taken the vaccine back in 2009. It might have been one trigger in addition to other stress factors I had those times.

I found how ridiculously incapable the medical establishment is to deal with any chronic issues that can not be detected on the basic blood count.

After few hours of web research I was able to find more accurate information than the so called professional medical practitioner knows who initially just prescribed me expectorant and eye drops!

Like many others of you who may read this after typical battle on allopathic side I moved on to find out what other options are available. Then I found about ozone therapy, EDTA-chelation therapy, hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, MMS, later acupuncture and bioresonance therapy and Andrew Cutler’s frequent low-dose mercury chelation protocol etc.

Primarily the ozone therapy was drawing my attention so much that I focused on that. I found there was several clinics also in Finland offering such therapies, but the prices were too high to go through extensive 2-3 months intensive protocol to cure CFS that could have been caused by chronic or modified mycoplasma, which I suspected in addition to some other neurotoxins and heavy metals. One session of autohemotherapy might cost about 90 Euros(ca.123USD).

Ozone Autohemotherapy in India. Ozone therapy in India.

I had been in Goa, India once before and I decided to make research what there might be in offer. I was lucky to find Healthy Healing Center just five minutes walk from the guest house where I used to stay in Anjuna before. So it made the decision easy. (While writing this they have moved to Sangolda though)

After I was almost over with CFS and was planning to start my own ozone therapy service back home, I did something wrong during my last detox cure and things flipped over in terms of hormonal balance. I crashed my adrenals or it was nerve damage due to redistribution of mercury caused by high dose of Alpha Lipoic Acid taken in frequent dose way like in Andy Cutlers protocol, but skipping the night doses. The main reason and factor is still unclear, but according to Cutler as I later found out, it is called “dump phase”. During first week I felt very good and sharp, then one week break and second round was okay too, but then when lowering the doses back to zero during couple of days I started to wake up too early and finally one night woke up sweating and feeling back pain around my adrenal glands. Also higher than normal ozone doses at higher flow speed might have contributed to that. Since that I have been struggling with sleep problems that led me to research acupuncture therapies. Later I also managed to catch some parasites which made me to dig even more further in different healing modalities like bioresonance. So my journey has not ended yet and I keep searching the ultimate trick for my sleeping issues. At the moment I’m on Cutler protocol the right way, the way it should be taken, first starting with low dose DMSA only and so far it looks promising. So it is potent protocol, but one must be very strict with the half-life and even set timer to remember to take the pill every 3 or 4 hour (ALA- DMSA respectively). It might be used even if you take IV EDTA simultaneously.

Walking on water in San Pedro de Atacama, Chile
Healing journey can sometimes feel like walking on water

Being far from your home, having at worse unspecified illness without your friends and family or anyone else around supporting and sharing your feelings with in your own language can be mentally overwhelming experience. Therefore it is recommended to find some social circles to keep yourself attached to life. Goa in India has plenty to offer in that sense. Lot’s of activities among the expat community that you can participate in. Mainly yoga and meditation sessions and of course parties, although I don’t recommend partying during serious healing process. And In Chiang Mai for instance I found meditative dance sessions at Yoga Tree, or Mandala-dance, as they call it, very good way to keep up with life while it pumps up your energy levels to cope with any other ailment you may have. It’s important that the illness is not the only one that defines you. Sounds tough? But sometimes it is part of the cleansing process too.

That was the beginning of my medical travels in a nutshell. See what each country has to offer…







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6 thoughts to “My Journey”

  1. Would love an update – I am looking into Goa and am curious if you would still recommend that knowing what you know now?

  2. Hello Joy, I’m happy you found my site helpful. Yes the Healthy Healing clinic is still great in North Goa, but their prices are up since I was there, like I wrote on my article. Rafael medicare center is in Margao, so you need to go there by bus from Benaulim, if you want to stay close to the beach. Are you interested in North or South Goa?

    In Sangolda the accommodation might get more pricey unless you stay at the cheap place opposite the Saraya of which I wrote about in the Food and Shelter article. Or if there is some new family run guest house near by that I’m not aware of.

    What’s your budget? If you can afford the Saraya is wonderfully located and it’s concept is sustainable and in line with the vision of the clinic. But like one month stay there is not the cheapest one. Puducherry is another good place in India. I have articles from there too.

    Especially during the winter/tourist season Goa(and Puducherry) has pleasant weather unlike for instance in Malaysia which is hot and humid all the time.

  3. i have been diagnosed with CFS but i am not entirely sure …..could also be long covid. Ive been bio hacking and still not moving the needle toward being able to get out of bed. im planning a trip to SE to get eboo, or another ozone iv treatment (low concentration), edta, and nutritional iv’s. I’m thinking to go to Healthy Healing clinic first to ease into the therapies, followed by another clinic in india where they do eboo and edta and nutritional ivs. finish it off by going to thailand for massage, as i love thailand. you have shared alot here on this site. what series of treatments worked for you the most? which eboo clinic in india would you recommend? thanks

    1. Hi Adrianne

      thank you for your comment. I was lucky to find a great place to start my journey to these modalities at Healthy Healing Center. But also the DIV I got in Pondicherry was powerful and very cheap. But there in Pondi at East Coast Hospital you can have EBOO as well. There are some other clinics too to get EBOO, but they tend to be in a less convenient places in terms of tourist amenities and comforts for a traveler. I just found out Dr.Arul who I met in Chennai has opened another clinic in Pollachi (Mirakle wellness clinic). The surroundings look more pleasant than in Chennai, but not as nice as Pondicherry. And in Mumbai there might be some places, but I would not like to stay in those big cities for too long. So I would pick either Goa or Pondicherry. They are close to beach and not too hot in winter time like Kerala that has some touristy locations such as Kovalam. Here is a list of doctors registered with Ozone Forum of India:

  4. hi Simon,
    i just realized you had replied immediately to my query. thank you so much! i am glad that you were able to get well again from your treatments. i hope the same for myself.
    i am waiting for india to drop its random pcr test entry requirements, or it will be hard to proceed with a trip to india. (i concur with your views on the c….. vac-cine man-dates).
    i have contacted the hospital in pondicherry, but have yet to hear back. (do you have a direct email address for them, as i only had the customer service email. )
    for the time being i have heard back from Dr. Mahendran Ponnuthurai, malaysia. He says they have changed locations but they still offer eboo. also heard back from Ozone Therapy Bukit Indah JB in malaysia who says they still offer eboo. seemingly ozone therapies are still being offered in malaysia.

    1. Hi Adrienne

      nice to hear from you! But one correction, I’m not Simon:) You can find my first name from the introduction article.

      If you meant the East Coast Hospital there is Dr. G. Rabindranath whose direct e-mail is or at least used to be as follows: rabindrg @ / rabindrg @

      I don’t know if he is still doing it or if he has retired already and given the position and responsibilities to someone else.

      Good to know India still has those test mandates. That’s why I haven’t traveled anywhere for many years as I don’t want to come across with that kind of situation, not allowed to board or enter the country because of refusal.

      Thanks for the update regarding Malaysia too! Happy to hear they still keep doing it. But the Cancer Care Center closed their operation in the location I had visited few years ago so I was asked to remove the article. But it seems they continue in other premises..

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