Pusat rawatan komplimentari ozone treatment centre, Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Pusat Rawatan Komplimentari Ozone Treatment Centre, Johor Bahru

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UPDATE: Since May 2017 ozone therapy has been banned in Malaysia and this article may be outdated in that regard. We are waiting better times ahead again, but until then you may want to ask around if anyone is still offering the treatments privately.

Johor Bahru is one of the growing medical travel hubs in Malaysia besides Penang and Melaka. It’s ideal for those living in Singapore as it’s located just next to the border other side of the river and day trips can be arranged. Singapore being the most heavily influenced country in the region by global financial conglomerates and their politics that reach medical regulation like in the USA, Singaporeans are forced to cross the border to Malaysia for undergoing integrative medical treatments that are banned in their tiny city-state. So for instance EBOO therapy in Singapore is yet to be approved.

After crossing the border you can decide whether to go to the more densely built older eastern part or the newer western part of Johor Bahru. I made my way to the west as the only clinic that bothered answering my query was Pusat Rawatan Komplimentari Ozone Treatment Centre led by nutritionist Mr. Syed Irfan Ahmad. It is located in the new Bukit Indah area that has few big malls and residential areas in walking distance. There are few other clinics in the Easter part too, but not so close to budget accommodation. Therefore if you’re going there you need to take a taxi for visiting the clinics.

Pusat Rawatan Komplimentari Ozone Treatment Centre, Johor Bahru

Syed is originally from Pakistan, but has been living in Malaysia for nine years(2017). Unfortunately Pakistan may not have the best reputation in the world at least in the western minds, but that image has been created mostly by their low life expat communities in non-muslim countries in the west, who have turned to extremism as a reaction to, or result of incompatibility of Islamic and modern Western mindset. Failed multicultural social experiment and mass immigration pushed by the globalists in the west is taking it’s toll. And in Central/South-Asian context the problems are fueled also by foreign propaganda(internally and externally) that incite conflicts between different sects, dubious sources of funding for extremist preachers and historically problematic relations especially with India.

In Malaysia however, such marginalization and stigma has mostly been avoided due to the common religious underpinning and Pakistani Malaysians seem to be well integrated.

Syed was welcoming, polite and humble man, easy to get along with. However, he does not have an education of allopathic doctor, but instead has attained a master degree in nutrition and has taken multiple courses on ozone therapy, toxicology and chelation modalities. In addition he has worked as an assistant for other Malaysian doctors who taught him the clinical practices prior opening his own clinic. Therefore serious cancer patients who need allopathic diagnostic tools and doctors supervision must know that he can not offer all-under-one-roof service. But for anyone else seeking general rejuvenation and anti-aging and supportive treatments he can offer plenty of options from EBOO to UVBI treatment and IV drips such as high dose vitamin C infusions.

Usually anyone who is diagnosed with cancer are going to receive supervision from their own doctor anyway and decisions of treatments, either allopathic or integrative, are made based on that. Syed is familiar working in such position as “doctor’s right hand”. And he is definitely an expert in assisting with proper diets that are of utmost importance for chronic patients.

At his clinic I came across the ultraviolet blood irradiation method(UVBI) which I had never heard before. It is actually not a new thing and has been used at some places in Germany and USA as well for many decades. It works passing the blood through a glass tube that is exposed to UV light inside the machine which then eliminates toxins in the blood. First of course the blood is taken out of your vein, then after silicon tube it goes to the glass tube and right after that back to the other arm through silicon tube again. So it’s done being attached to the machine and tubes all the time, kind of like the EBOO as well. In the video below you see the machine and short explanation.

I saw few patients from Singapore taking the EBOO treatment, but I did not go through any treatment there, so my stay was limited to one visit. Or actually two as on second day I was considering to try out the UVBI and went to see the clinic again, but after talking a while I decided not to, and continued to Melaka. So I don’t have much to say from my personal experience this time.

brochures at pusat rawatan komplimentari ozone treatment centre

Overall the premises looked neat and the procedures and nurses well trained. For doing EBOO and UVBI they use anesthetics at the point of your arm where the bigger cannulas are inserted so it makes the insertion more convenient. All tools are naturally disposable. They use similar hemodialysis filter as the Bali Ozone Therapy in Bali. The advantage over Bali’s clinic is that here you can get also EDTA chelation.

Pusat Rawatan Komplimentari Ozone Treatment Center offers some lab services too for instance at Dr DNA Diagnostics which is Malaysian based lab that can do CTC (Circulating Tumor Cells) tests, but has also outsourced some of it’s tests to USA based Genova Diagnostics. The CTC test allow cancer patients to monitor the progress of their treatment in addition to receiving doctors consultation at some other clinic.

Here are some price quotes. The crown jewel of all, the EBOO costs 482 MYR (ca. 116 USD) per session, discounts apply up to 10 sessions that comes at 3999 MYR. EDTA chelation that is always recommended to take as package comes at 3100 MYR (ca. 746 USD) for 5 sessions and 6000 MYR for 10.

Considering the clinic is located in upscale residential and commercial area the best places to stay are Roof Talk Theme Hostel and Princeton Hotel. Roof Talk Theme Hostel is for those with smallest budgets and willing to share facilities. It’s about 7 minutes walk away. They charge 68 MYR for single room on weekdays and 78 MYR on weekends. Restaurants are on the ground floor and you can pick the portion from the menu images. Prices vary from 5 to 8 MYR.

Those wanting to have own room and attached bathroom Princeton Hotel just 50 meters away from the clinic is a great option. Their single room comes at about 83 MYR(19.5usd / 16.7E) per night. But if you book through some website the rate seems to be higher.

Pusat Rawatan Komplimentari Ozone Treatment Centre

Address: No 36 Jalan Indah 15/1 79100, Johor Bahru

Phone: +60 12 7588807

Website/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ozonethereapybukitindahJB/

E-mail: ozone.healing(at)yahoo.com

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