Dr.Wang's pharmacy near Warorot market

Dr. Sheng Zhong Wang, Chiang Mai

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Another well established professional of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chiang Mai is Dr. Sheng Zhong Wang. He comes from China where he has earned university degrees in Chinese medicine, but has lived in Chiang Mai since 1989 and has been operating as TCM doctor in conjunction with the Chinese medicine pharmacy near Warorot Market. It’s a pharmacy that was formerly run by his uncle, but he is now one of the few successors to once so numerous Chinese pharmacies that were operating in Chiang Mai still some decades ago. They provide herbs to many other TCM pharmacies in Thailand.

I bought a moxibustion stick from there as a souvenir, but haven’t tried it yet. I also checked whether they would have some herbs my earlier Co-Re bioresonance scanning results came up with as possible remedy. One of them was identified, but I did not end up buying it.

Acupuncturist Dr. Sheng Zhong Wang at Warorot market, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Dr. Sheng Zhong Wang

When I visited him last time(2014), he had just opened new premises in southwest of Chiang Mai. He makes the first counseling with patients at the pharmacy and then drives them to Mae Hia Clinic, as it’s called, for acupuncture. Even if he sells moxa sticks he does not do moxibustion at the clinic due to smoke issues.

His technique is rougher than Dr. Rungrat’s at Mungkala and he uses longer needles, but not as long as Dr.Khamkong in Laos. After inserting the needle he comes back after a while to twist them. The session takes about 30 minutes.

My experience with him was limited in continuing where I was left in Laos after being back in Chiang Mai. I was trying to find solution for my secondary insomnia that was adrenal fatigue related with underlying mercury poisoning. Acupuncture may not be capable of aiding mercury detoxing, but it will help with kidney and adrenal issues as I came to realize.

He first used mostly the same spots as the Dr.Khamkong in Laos and I got worse, overstimulated. Then I asked him to fix and reverse it by using Shenshu BL-23 in addition with Qimen LR-14. And it helped me the same as it did in Laos, but the effect was not that intense as the moxibustion, “heating the needles” was not involved. But it was still strong enough to again reverse the over stimulation. LR- 14 point which I wanted to add is affecting the liver and calming mind and I felt strong positive effect of it as addition to Shenshu BL-23. In the Laos section you will find better description.

Moxabustion stick - can be used to stimulate acupressure points as self help
Moxabustion stick – can be used to stimulate acupressure points as self help

I would say the kidney tonification at Shenshu BL-23 is almost a miracle cure for cortisol and adrenal issues. It has instant soothing and calming effect.

He also charges 500BHT. But from the clinic premises outskirts of the town you need to take a ride back to downtown which costs 30 bahts on songthaew. Along with Mungkala, Dr. Sheng Zhong Wang is among the best places to get acupuncture in Chiang Mai.

For reading more about the principles of TCM in easily digested form you may check out this small book about it and book your flight here.

Dr. Sheng Zhong Wang / Mae Hia Clinic

48-52 Chang Moi Road, Chiang Mai 50300 Thailand

Chip Aun Tong Dispensary Limited Partnership – Chinese Pharmacy of the Warorot Market. It has been spelled also as Jip Ang Tueng Osot Limited.

Phone: +66 (0)53 234187, 234221 – +66(0)53 804511, Mobile: +66(0)81-9523170

E-mail: shengzhongwang (at) hotmail.com

Consultations of Dr. Wang: Monday to Saturday from 10.00am to 2.00pm.

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2 thoughts to “Dr. Sheng Zhong Wang, Chiang Mai”

  1. Mercury is sequestered by the body to protect itself. Cilantro mobilizes mercury so it can be excreted, but while mobile it is toxic again, thus too much will give you the same result as needle overstimulation. I find it best to ask my body how much to take. i had lifelong mercury poisoning from fillings plus acute poisoning from industrial metal. I also could not stand the smell of cilantro. When my toxicity receded I could take small amounts occasionally. Then I craved it and would binge but quickly develop aversion. Now I finally I eat cilantro regularly without craving or distaste.

    Cilantro is good for some but not all other metal poisons. Chlorella is good for some. Fang feng is good for arsenic and some others. I do not know a magic herb for all poisoning, although licorice gan cao lessens acute toxic effect from nearly any poison.

    Wallace Rosa

    1. Hi Wallace, thank you for the insightful comment. I have not tried cilantro myself, but I heard it should be taken with other binder or carrier like Chlorella.

      I am doing frequent low dose chelation with DMSA and ALA. It’s called Cutler’s protocol. It’s slow but safe.

      Also Spooky2 has some disintegrative frequencies for different metals. They are available at Spooky2 ICU forum if you are interested and have nerdy edge to play around with it. But I know herbs are straightforward and easy in comparison. Fang feng is new to me. I will look it up.

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