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Sanar Clinic, Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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-Review and pictures contributed by Nat Lefort-

Located on the outskirts of the thriving city of Playa del Carmen, in the Riviera Maya, Mexico, is the Sanar Clinic for Integrative medicine. Founded and run by Dr.David Luis Suárez, the CEO and one of the founders of Health and Nature of the Riviera Maya and the Center for Integrative Medicine HEAL.

Playa del Carmen offers something for all budgets and tastes, including hundreds of restaurants of all types of cuisine, as well as many vegan, organic and vegetarian options. A vibrant, young and cosmopolitan city set within a country rich in culture and tradition.

The clinic is located within Plaza Progreso, off the main highway, known as the Carretera Federal (Highway 307) at the southern end of the city. The highway stretches from Cancun through Playa del Carmen on to Tulum and continues south towards towards Chetumal close to the Belizean border. It is easily accessible via taxi or public bus, known as the colectivo, although is somewhat withdrawn from the hustle and bustle of the famous 5th avenue.

Sanar clinic reception in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Case studies

The plaza where the clinic is located is quite uneventful, although once inside the clinic I immediately felt at ease and made myself at home on the comfortable waiting room sofa to complete my medical questionnaire. Upon meeting Dr Suárez himself, I found him to be both charming, empathetic and extremely knowledgeable even to the point of having to ask him to slow down because the amount of information he was giving me was somewhat overwhelming.

I gave him a brief overview of my medical history (healthy, no pre-existing medical conditions and no family medical history) and proceeded to explain how I have been suffering from extreme fatigue, bloated abdomen, difficulty concentrating and irritability for some time now. I am not taking any medication and eat a balanced diet, however, I am full time working mom of two young children. Immediately Dr. Suárez told me that from the color tone of my skin and the black bags under my eyes it was obviously I was exhausted and recommended the use of the ES Teck diagnostic scanner to get to the root of the problem.

Within 10 minutes my results were ready, and it was quite impressive I have to say. The scanner detected a slightly elevated heart rate, gluten and casein sensitivity and lowered oxygen levels in the brain. Dr. Suárez attributed these results to leaky gut, thus causing my fatigue and constantly bloated abdomen. Low oxygen in the brain would cause irritability and lack of concentration as well as difficulty in focusing.

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Following the results of the diagnostic scanner I was given the following recommendations:

Gluten and casein free diet: I received a detailed diet plan via email immediately upon leaving the clinic.

Acupuncture: Using the diagnostic scanner (which integrates recommended acupuncture points into its results) Dr Suárez applied acupuncture needles with focus on stress and insomnia. It was an extremely relaxing and comforting experience for me, ironic given the needles sticking out from all over my body. He also applied gold magnetic acupuncture pellets to certain points in both my ears in order to continue stimulation after the treatment.

For programmed therapies I was recommended the ionic detox for help in relief of my extreme fatigue and to strengthen my immune system, as well as regular acupuncture to help with stress and insomnia.

Another patients success story
Dr. Suárez recently treated with a client from UK who was misdiagnosed via an MRI with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) along with her neurological symptoms and pain. Dr Suarez diagnosed her with gluten sensitivity by using the diagnostic scanner and after 2 years of detoxification on a gluten free diet, using ozone therapy, ionic detox, homeopathic treatments and acupuncture and now she is completely healthy and recently received a completely clear MRI.

Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Dr Suárez believes that CFS is a complex diagnosis, and that importantly, oxygen metabolism is often over looked. There is a need to find out if the patient has a cellular impairment and thus lacking in cellular energy as well as information regarding the level of certain nutrients and trace elements present in the body. This information can all be obtained from the diagnostic scanner. (Editorial notice; for instance toxins in vaccines and heavy metals from different sources may contribute to aforementioned cellular impairment and neural malfunction which may require chelation therapy as part of the holistic protocol)

Dr. Luis David Suárez

Dr. Suárez obtained his medical degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) specialising in Medical Acupuncture and Phytotherapy, which is the use of medicinal plants to heal and restore balance. He also studied anesthesiology for several years which enables him to focus on pain management and has helped a great deal of patients suffering from chronic pain. He is also an active member of the Mexican Society of Ozone Therapy.

Shungite for EMF protection

He moved to the Riviera Maya 10 years ago with his wife, and soon after became a pioneer in complementary/integrative medicine with a strong focus on the environmental health of his patients.

Although there are other clinics in the Riviera Maya that offer integrative treatments, Dr. Suárez believes that the level of professionalism he offers at Sanar sets him apart from the rest. He has many return clients from the United States and Canada who return each year for treatments.

Having seen several doctors over the past year, I was interested in hearing his opinion on my symptoms and his recommendations with regards to treatment. What I wasn’t prepared for were the results of the diagnostic scanner, which really took me aback.

Treatments and therapies

DIAGNOSTIC SCANNER ES TECK: Originally designed in France and developed over the last 20 years in the USA, the diagnostic scanner is a tool that provides information about the physical and electrical state of the human body. So it falls into bioresonance category. Unlike lab work which is bio chemical, electricity is sent through the body and is measured in different ways. It combines the electrical resistance of the living tissue with a pulse and heart rate analysis. The results show the composition of our bodily fluids and tissues, within 7 sections of the body, and in particular is able to diagnosis the oxidation levels of the patient, which is essential before receiving ozone therapy treatment for example. It also gives a comprehensive view of the persons homeopathic state, physiologically and biologically speaking. It can also detect leaky gut and sensitivity or intolerance to gluten or casein, the protein found in dairy. There are no other clinics in the Riviera Maya that use the diagnostic scanners and it is unique to the Sanar Clinic.

OZONE THERAPY: Ozone therapy has been shown to be extremely effective in treating poor circulation, stimulating the immune system, regulating metabolism and treating pain and inflammation, in particular herniated lumbar and/or cervical discs. Ozone therapy is also used for the treatment of some chronic viral illness such as hepatitis B and C, herpes and HIV.

Dr. Suárez is a member of both the Spanish and Mexican Ozonetherapy Associations and specialises in the treatment of acute and chronic pain via these ozone injections. The therapy involves injecting the ozone with the aim of causing a therapeutic response by activating the enzymatic antioxidant system and improving tissue oxygenation. Ozone also has germicidal properties and has a rejuvenating effect in helping to reduce oxidative damage within the cells.

There are several application methods that are used at Sanar, in general a minimum of 14 sessions are recommended depending on the patients condition and type of application used;

Autohemotherapy (major): Venal blood is extracted (90-100ml)
ozonised and injected back into the blood stream
Rectal application: Ozone is applied via a small tube which is placed inside the rectum. The gas passes through to the bloodstream via the intestinal walls. This is a less painful and less invasive method. It can be also administered at home)
Autohemotherapy (minor): A small amount of blood (5 10ml)
is withdrawn, mixed with ozone and applied via an intramuscular injection. Particularly useful for allergies and autoimmune diseases as the ozonated blood in the muscle creates an autologous vaccine.
Transcutaneous (topical): O2-O3 is applied directly to the skin or affected tissue
Intra-articular: Used for treating arthritis, tendinitis and other osteoarticular issues.
Intramuscular: Ozone is injected directly into the muscle.
Subcutaneous: Ozone is injected underneath the skin using very small quantities of the gas
Ozonised water: Applied as a spray for treating infections, burns or as a disinfectant (or by drinking ozonated water)
Ozonised oil: Particularly useful for treatment of sinusitis and chronic rhinitis

Other treatments and therapies that are offered include:

-Neural therapy
-Bach flower therapy
-Craneo sacral therapy
-Integral nutrition
-Colonic hydrotherapy
-Radio frequency

More detailed description of those can be found on Sanar website under “therapies”. The website seems to be down, but if comes back online it is sanarintegrative. com/therapies/ (remove gaps)


Diagnostic scanner: 2500 MXN
Acupuncture: 550 MXN
Ozone therapy: 350 – 2500 MXN depending on type of treatment
Prolotherapy: 1100 MXN
Neural therapy: 580 MXN
Colon hydrotherapy: 1250 MXN

Sanar clinic – integrative medicine Playa del Carmen

Address: Carretera Puerto Juarez- Chetumal #41-42, Mz 293 Lt 1-1, Ejido sur 77712 Playa del Carmen, QROO, Mexico
+52 (0)1 (984) 803 2039 (see here how to dial it depending where you call from)
info@sanar.org.mx or doctor.suarez@gmail.com

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  1. I am looking for a clinic for EBOO or 20 pass. Preferably EBOO. I have had 10 Pass OHT yearly for 4 yrs, 10 sessions per yr in Medellin, and over 36 Hyperbaric treatments at 2.5 AT since 2014. Also I Studied w/Dr Lahodny of Austria when he taught 10 Pass OHT in Medellin in 2015, as well as organized his visit and seminar for 28 Doctors.

    I have ONE very high cancer marker CA724 (grew from 36.9 to 87.8 in last 2 months); BUT no visible abnormalities after 2 MRI pelvic& abdominal, 2 ultrasound, and Thorax CT Scan, no symptoms. Amylase lipase little elevated over normal. No digestive symptoms.

    I have no diseases, I am an organic whole foods vegetarian since 16 years old (1966), now 72 years old, and I’m fit, do yoga, drink fresh celery juice daily and take many nutraceuticals, orthomolecular IV’s, no exposures to toxins, pure water and air where I live.

    I need diagnostics of why CA 724increases, and I need to clean my blood. I have never been vaxxed in my life, never smoked, nor drank alcohol/coffee, no junk food, no dental metals , chelated metals out of body since 40 yrs ago. EBOO, Hyperbaric, and spinal prolozone are the therapies I believe I need.

    Could could you tell me if t]you have the machines for EBOO series of 3 or 4; Hyperbaric hard chamber ; spinal Prolozone ( not prolotherapy with Procaine); . I have extensive bloodwork, but may need other diagnostics ( do you have BioResonance or Thermograms, or genetics)

    I could come the second week of September for 2-3 weeks from Ecuador. .

    1. Dear Sandra, thank you for your comment. You should contact the Sanar clinic directly to ask if they can deliver any of those treatments that you listed. There are also other places around Playa del Carmen if Sanar clinic can not do what you need. Such as Nery Om clinic.. https://www.neryom.net/

      Best regards and thanks again for your support


    1. Hello Mj, as far as I know they don’t do 10-pass therapy. But you could ask them directly what they can offer at the moment.
      Best regards and thanks for your support!

  2. Hi i am canadien and planning on going tu riviera maya and i would like to go get ozone injection so can i please have more info on price and how many days in advance i need to book.

    1. Hi Alain

      thanks for your question. It’s better that you contact the clinic directly as I haven’t been in contact with them for many years and I don’t know their status regarding schedules.

  3. Greetings, I am trying to get in touch with this medical center and all the links shown here are broken, can you please assist me?

    1. Hi Tammy

      thanks for contacting me and giving a heads up on the broken link issue. I don’t know why the site is down. It could be just temporary hosting issue. Maybe you could try to call them? Or try another place and doctor? There is a place called Nery Om Wellness clinic. Maybe you could try that one. I might produce an article of it one day too. One of my follower in Instagram has been in contact with them, but I don’t have personal experience of them. https://www.neryom.net/

      Best regards

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