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Homeopathy for Vaccine Injury, Autism, CFS/ME and Travels

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What is homeopathic treatment?

Homeopathy is the most well known alternate system of holistic healthcare when looking outside of the narrow conventional medical spectrum. But you may wonder can homeopathy cure chronic fatigue syndrome? For a starter, and as an annoyance to all scientific reductionists who dismiss it as layman’s quackery, ever since the European nobility in the early 19th century discovered it’s potential and favored it over Grahamism, all the way to modern studies over the decades demonstrate that those who rely on homeopathic treatment tend to be considerably more educated than it’s opponents. Just to pick two sources The New York Journal Of Medicine published early in 1846 (p.101) and for instance 2012 National Health Interview Survey reveal the correlation. Also the author of the book American Physicians in the Nineteenth Century: From Sects to Science (p.160)has come to the same conclusion.

And secondly, some of the remedies used for instance in famous standardized Banerji ProtocolsCarcinosin 30C and Phytolacca decandra 200C achieved as much as an 80 percent response rate on breast cancer cells in in-vitro experiments conducted by MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC) in Houston. This alone should finally close the debate whether or not there is any proof to back the efficacy of homeopathy when correctly administered. But that was only a tip of the iceberg regarding the comprehensive study covering different types of cancer cells in in-vitro and in-vivo trials. More about it on these Positivehealth and Sage journals articles.

There are plenty of material written about homeopathy over the years and this article is just a short summary of it’s possibilities on some of the most important and sought after areas with a little additional take on travel.

homeopathic medicine

Homeopathic system of treatment uses a substance with medicinal value by diluting it in water or alcohol to make a homeopathic preparation. This alternative mode of treatment was originally created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, who proposed that “like cures like”. Hahnemann believed that diseases could be cured by administering such substances that have the potential to cause the disease in the first place. This means that the substance would cause the symptoms of the disease in healthy people, but alleviate those same symptoms in people who are suffering from that disease already.

It used to be a popular method of treating conditions that allopathic medicine failed to cure at the time and it still continue to be so. Depending on worldview and set of values some people rely solely on it and avoid conventional methods as a whole. While others still condemn it as a quackery. The first homeopaths were medically trained physicians.
Homeopath’s understanding of illness and how to bring about a cure stands in direct opposition to the practice of allopathic medicine. Actually, one of the reasons, if not the only reason, that the allopathic physicians and their financial backers formed the American Medical Association (AMA) in 1847 was to destroy the practice of homeopathy as it’s pointed out on this comprehensive article originally published on Greenmedinfo website. Many well meaning allopathic physicians were switching over to homeopathy at that time, and the financial interests of allopathic physicians and institutions on their side were under threat.

Homeopathic medicine gained popularity and sustained it more or less over the past two centuries due to some unique features, such as it’s ability to cure recurring problems permanently, not just providing palliative and temporary relief. Secondly, this mode of treatment allowed people to avoid surgeries by curing diseases in a non-invasive manner. Additionally, this is a holistic yet far cheaper method of treatment than allopathic treatment. Historically, this meant that people could be treated easily during widespread epidemics and thus a large number of lives could be saved whenever unfortunate infectious diseases broke out.

In addition to curing physical illness, homeopathy has also been found useful in the treatment of mental illness and developmental problems. Most recently, homeopathic treatment has been found effective in reversing the side effects of vaccines. Most medical doctors do not agree that vaccines can cause harm, so it is not surprising that they do not consider homeopathy to be a valid treatment modality either.

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Homeopathy’s popularity in Switzerland

In a well-researched comprehensive report, published in 2011, the government of Switzerland declared Homeopathic treatment modality as “real-world effective” and safe in curing health problems along with being cost-effective. Consequently, on popular demand, the government went ahead with the decision to feature homeopathic and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in their national constitution and to reimburse such treatments by the country’s national health insurance program. The Swiss government’s report on homeopathic medicine is based on an assessment of randomized double blind trials as well as evidence based clinical research and assert that homeopathic medicines are indeed safe and effective.

There is another critical reviews of that report blaming it as biased for relying on low quality studies. For instance a well know pro-establishment and pro-Big Pharma lobby site “Science Based Medicine” and it’s author Steve Novella did his best trying to debunk it. For some reason their site always pops up on top of the search results on many related topics, so they must have done their homework in SEO at least. For making your own mind it’s worthy of note that his name has been found to be on Big Pharma payroll according to Anonymous that hacked the Pharma companies data-bases. I haven’t seen the original Anonymous release of it, but this article first announced it. That may not be the most credible source, but look it up and decide. But it’s clear the UK reports are completely ignoring the Banerji Protocols and studies related to them and even The Department of Health dismissed the report’s findings.

Examples of application

Vaccine injuries

Although most GP’s in the West feel reluctant to accept that there is such a thing as a vaccine injury, Homeopathic practitioners accept that some vaccines such as MMR vaccines and DTaP / Tdap vaccines can have adverse side-effects and can lead to long term damage to immune system functioning. Homeopathic practitioners help their clients recover from old and new injuries with the help of classical homeopathy remedies, nutritional therapies, CEASE protocols and Homeopathic Detox Therapy (HDT). The process is a bit lengthy, but the main advantage is that the damage is reversible gradually. Some injuries can be linked to emerging CFS/ME and Autism cases around the world. However, according to some practitioners injury caused by HPV vaccine such as Gardasil is one of the most difficult to reverse, but it’s not hopeless either.

homeopathic adrenal support

In case of doing any other form of chelation that is heavy on adrenals(like Alpha Lipoic Acid), it’s good to have at least adrenal support like these NatraBio Adrenal Support drops.

CFS/ME and Autism

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is also known as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or post viral syndrome, and is characterised by a cluster of symptoms that manifest differently and vary from one individual to another. One patient may experience memory problems, general body pain, and headache while another patient may suffer from more specific joint pain, sleeping difficulties, sore throat, and weakness after exertion. But the most serious and common symptom for everyone experiencing CFS/ME is chronically persisting tiredness and lack of energy that affects their daily functioning and overall health and quality of life.

Unfortunately, those allopathic general practitioners who have any clue of this syndrome find that patients suffering from CFS/ME have a combination of any of these symptoms and as such, they prescribe similar medicine, usually ineffective antibiotics, to all their patients after reluctant diagnosis of the condition. So can homeopathy cure chronic fatigue syndrome?

The advantage with Homeopathic medicine is that it is prescribed by symptoms rather than conditions, as each case can be treated individually depending on the patient’s unique symptoms and problems. There are several homeopathic remedies for alleviating chronic fatigue. Kali phos, Nux vomica, Arsenicum are some of the most commonly prescribed remedies and can help you if you feel very tired with the least exertion. But as Robert Medhurst says, most patients rarely respond to the classic “fatigue” remedies such as Gelsemium and the acid remedies for example.

The homeopathic remedy or potency of medicine varies and changes according to the change in symptoms over time, the progress the patient makes since embarking on treatment and the amount of recovery they achieve. It should always be kept in mind that a genuine practitioner who follows the classical principles is willing to tailor-make the remedy for you and to alter it as time goes by. Homeopaths will also often ask you to identify and remove the stressors, lifestyle factors and nutritional deficiencies which weaken your vital energy and you may then lead a happy life again.

homeopathy infographic-how to choose potency

Autism spectrum disorders or ASD’s are one of the most common neurological disorders that affect very young children. Homeopathic practitioners believe that injury from vaccinations is often a prime cause of this disorder as is the case for CFS/ME. Many reputable homeopaths use Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) with their clients to measure progress of the treatment. One of them is Homeopathy Center Of Houston that has also developed special sequential protocols for autism and other chronic conditions.

As with ME the length and course of homeopathic treatment for ASD depends on the severity of the problem as they can range from mild to very severe. For your safety, you should always take precaution in choosing the right practitioner as inexperienced or just name-sake practitioners can put your child’s health at risk or postpone recovery. The practitioner can provide you with a constitutional remedy so it is best to see an expert for treatment rather than trying to treat yourself. There are often times local social media peer support groups that can help finding reputable homeopath in your area. Those who have undertaken formal training and who are certified by national organizations should be preferred if you have nobody to obtain referral from. Here is some more detailed instructions and testimonials on how to treat autism with homeopathy.

On Travels

On my latest trip to Malaysia, Thailand and India in 2016-2017 I was first time experimenting with homeopathic remedies when I visited at the Banerji Clinic in Kolkata, India. I got prescription for Aurum Metallicum 200 and Ignatia 200 for my sleeping issues. But more about it later on my forthcoming article of the clinic.

murli homeopathic book

There were many other homeopathic pharmacies such as Murli Homeo around Sudder street as well. I was delighted to see they sell even German Dr.Reckeweg products and I bought several anti-viral and anti-worm remedies there to complement my first aid kit. R88 is their special combo including nosodes from many strains of viruses to fight influenza or any other type of flue. That one was made on license by some Spanish producer though. Aconitum napellus 30 is another known remedy for common cold and Cina 30 has demonstrated effectiveness against Ascaris type of worms. Cina is included also in combo remedy against worms R56. Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg was famous for his innovative way of combining multiple remedies and potencies into single formula and let the patient’s system choose the one it needs. That was one of the major steps further from Hahnemann’s original tradition of using only one remedy at a time. He also developed the theory of Homotoxicology.

Reckeweg homeopathic remedy

Later in Puri I caught a flue and fever that was probably a dengue fever according to a test I made. Those remedies were not meant for it such as more commonly used Eupatorium Perfoliatum and Tabacum 300c are (the latter one was used as “Genus Epidemicus” in this case study in India), but it’s possible they had a mild effect for dengue too as I was through it much more easily than many other travelers who have gotten hospitalized for it. I also used Spooky2 Immune System Stimulation sets for improving immunity and hydrogen peroxide enemas so they probably did their part in my recovery.

Anyway, from that moment on I decided that I will always carry some basic homeopathic remedies with me where ever I go as part of the integrative first aid kit.

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  2. Thank you for the comment and compliments Tom. I almost forgot to reply, because last week I got a flue all of a sudden. Unfortunately I didn’t have those Reckeweg R88 or R89 drops at hand to give them a try this time. I should order more.

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