How to treat heart disease naturally

Causes of Heart Disease and How to Reduce Your Risk Naturally

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Heart disease is the world’s biggest killer, accounting for almost 18 million deaths annually, according to the World Health Organization.1 Approx 1 in every 3 deaths globally is caused by heart disease. In this article we’ll look at the causes of heart disease and how to reduce your risk naturally. Mainstream medical thinking has for years blamed two major causes – high cholesterol and high blood pressure, but now there’s a third. In the aftermath of the pandemic a new, and potentially more deadly, cause has surfaced: the side effects of the mRNA vaccines.

Let’s take a look at each and find out what can be done, using natural methods, to help protect ourselves from developing and dying from heart disease.

Cholesterol blocking arteries

1. Cholesterol

Cholesterol is seen as the mother of all evils according to modern medicine. For the last 40+ years we’ve been told that cholesterol is the major cause of heart disease. It is claimed that: it clogs the arteries, raising blood pressure and increasing the risk of heart disease. If this were true, why are only the arteries around the heart affected? Why not all the arteries in the body and all the veins? How come surgeons are able to take ‘clean’ arteries out of someone’s leg to bypass the blocked arteries around their heart? It doesn’t make sense, does it?

There are now a number of studies proving that cholesterol does not cause heart disease. To quote researchers from one study2 “Our search for falsifications of the cholesterol hypothesis confirms that it is unable to satisfy any of the Bradford Hill criteria for causality and that the conclusions of the authors of the three reviews are based on misleading statistics, exclusion of unsuccessful trials and by ignoring numerous contradictory observations.”

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It is also a myth that our diet affects our cholesterol level, as major studies worldwide3,4,5 show. In 2010 scientists in the USA showed that cholesterol metabolism in the liver is controlled by the brain6. Cholesterol is essential for life and ±75% of the cholesterol in our blood is made by the body. It’s essential for proper cell functioning and it’s a precursor for various hormones, enzymes, vitamins and digestive acids in the body. In fact, a foetus could not develop without adequate cholesterol.

Why this massive bombardment of (mis)information portraying cholesterol as bad? Well, quite simply, because cholesterol is a multi-billion dollar business worldwide. Just think of all the cholesterol lowering drugs prescribed annually, all the cholesterol tests and all the low fat/no fat foods e.g. margarines, cooking oils, mayonnaises, low fat dairy products, diet drinks and snacks, etc. These are all huge money spinners, so we’ll continue to be told that cholesterol is the evil that causes heart disease.

Doctor's home remediesWhat is actually happening is that the arteries around the heart become inflamed, causing them to swell and restricting blood flow. Science is telling us that this is caused by an imbalance of our omega 3/omega 6 ratios in our diet. This ratio should be 1:1 but in developed countries, eating ‘western diets’, the ratio is 1:15/1:16.7 Omega 3 is anti-inflammatory, while omega 6 causes inflammation. The body tries to protect the lining of the artery walls from this inflammation by laying down a protective layer of cholesterol as a ‘band aid’. Currently, scientists aren’t quite sure why the arteries around the heart are the most susceptible to this inflammation, but they do know it’s happening.

In addition, high homocysteine (also made in the body) levels are massively inflammatory and affect the heart arteries as well. Just a 5% increase in blood homocysteine levels increased the risk of heart attacks by 42%, strokes by 65% and deep vein thrombosis by 60%!8 Another study, involving 1158 women and 789 men, showed that raised homocysteine levels are a better indicator of heart disease than high blood pressure, cholesterol level, a stroke victim’s age (each year adds ±6% higher risk) and even whether they smoked or not.9

Today there are over 11,000 studies on homocysteine and it’s been found to be an important contributor to Alzheimers, migraines, macular degeneration, hearing loss, depression, as well as heart disease. Homocysteine is easy and relatively cheap to control with nutrients. The B-vitamins, in particular, are especially effective in controlling homocysteine levels, along with magnesium10. Omega 3 fatty acids have also been shown to play a role in lowering homocysteine levels11, as does exercise12.

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The question then is, does it make sense to treat heart disease by trying to lower cholesterol levels? Surely it would be far more sensible to treat the cause of the problem, inflammation? One would think so, but something as simple as increasing omega 3 intake, or reducing homocysteine levels, won’t make billions for the pharmaceutical, medical and food industries. The sensible thing to do is to exercise more, improve our diets and increase our intake of omega 3, B-vitamins and some naturally derived anti-oxidants, all of which combat inflammation. Although there is controversy on some anti-oxidants whether they are always beneficial at least in synthetic form. According to some studies especially beta-carotene and vitamin-A(retinol) type of anti-oxidants might be actually harmful in synthetic form or even in natural form in excess amounts that one can be exposed to in eating organ meat13. But for instance common recommendation for the practice of ozone therapy or chlorine dioxide use has been to take 1000mg Vitamin-C after the treatment or two hours after the last CD dosage. That is to help the body to combat any excess stress caused by such oxidative treatment and aid to it’s therapeutic effect.

How to measure heart pressure

2. High Blood Pressure

The Silent Killer, as high blood pressure or hypertension is referred to, is another factor causing millions of deaths worldwide, an estimated ±7 million deaths annually. What is interesting is that the accepted method of treating hypertension has come under scrutiny in the last few years. A number of studies have shown that taking drugs to lower blood pressure may not be as effective, or as safe, as natural methods and lifestyle changes. Also, studies have shown that blood pressure varies throughout the day and that a single reading cannot give an accurate indication of blood pressure14.

If the arteries are narrowed because of inflammation, or if the blood gets thicker, the heart has to work harder to get enough blood to the brain, muscles and organs. This will automatically increase blood pressure. In other words, increased blood pressure is the body’s way of compensating for a physical problem in the body. It’s a perfectly normal response.

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Does it make any sense then to use a drug to slow the heart down? Or to give a person a diuretic, which results in thickening the blood? Obviously this is not the answer, treating the symptom and not the cause? To make matters worse, all drugs have side effects. In the case of blood pressure medications these can be severe, including kidney damage, fatigue, nausea, loss of taste, dizziness, decreased sex drive and even increased risk of heart damage. Surely the sensible thing to do would be to reduce the inflammation in the arteries and thin the blood, using natural means? Balancing the omega3/omega 6 ratio in the body and increasing the intake of carefully selected anti-oxidants would be a good place to start. Drinking enough water every day also reduces blood pressure.15

Vaers statistics of Myocarditis

3. mRNA vaccine side effects

Almost daily doctors and scientists are publishing reports on how severely the vaccines have impacted humans. Some estimates suggest that approximately 17 million people have died because of them! Excess death rates are exploding all over the world. According to official UK government data, the excess deaths figure for the first 49 weeks of 2023 was 9225 – more than all the excess deaths during the six years of World War 2!!16 The same applies to every country that aggressively promoted the jabs. Huge increases in myocarditis, strokes, heart attacks and blood abnormalities are now been reported everywhere. What is tragic is that myocarditis appears to be affecting young people more than any other segment of the population, as can be seen on the graph below.

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From all of the above it is clear that heart disease is a major problem world wide. The good news is that the causes of heart disease are, to a large extent, avoidable and that one can reduce your risk naturally. Lifestyle changes such as increasing exercise, eating a healthy diet and using anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant supplements will help. As with cholesterol and blood pressure, there are things that one can do naturally to reduce the vaccine side effects. A healthy diet, supplementation and detoxing can help. For more on overcoming the negative effects of the mRNA jabs, see my previous blog17 and download the following protocols.18,19









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Statistics from Vaers.

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