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How to Detox The Covid Vaccine and Do Viruses Exist?

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The most hot topic among holistic health nuts, and awakened normies, over the last year has unarguably been the yet unknown long term effects(and the ingredients) of the experimental Covid inoculations that have been and are still being pushed on people around the world as part of the World Economic Forum’s Covid-19 Action Platform agenda. And of course how to detox the Covid vaccine or “jab”, as it’s called, if you have fallen to take it. All the coercion in spite of many suitable and effective available treatments(such as Ivermectin, Chlorine dioxide, Ozone Therapy etc.) to treat any respiratory illnesses you may come across. Including ailments producing several previously unheard symptoms.

Some of the most prominent independent researchers of the vaccine ingredients are the Spanish team La Quinta Columna. Also Andreas Kalcher with his team has confirmed their results. And some German pathologists led by Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt have been doing devastating findings on autopsies of vaccinated individuals. Although there has been debate if Dr. Burghardt’s findings were really spike proteins or just graphene derivates. And whether the whole mRNA technology is only a cover story to hide all the other toxins. Such as other previously unknown self assembling nanotechnology that was found in the German research. But if the gene modification indeed has taken place in the inoculated then there is nothing one can do about it according to the knowledge we have now. If not, then the question remains what exactly causes the increase in fetal deaths and birth defects.

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There are of course many alternative theories what causes the Covid-19 or Corona symptoms in the first place such as loss of taste and smell. One being the experimental use of 5G and 60GHZ and/or 26GHZ combined with graphene (hydr)oxide that is claimed to have been included in the ordinary flue shots already back in the autumn 2019. Or some other retro viruses even earlier that Dr.Mikovits spoke about. Like the so called XMRV virus that she claims has been found in most CFS patients.

Do Viruses Exist? Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

And then again there are of course the claims that no virus has ever been even isolated, at least not the so called SARS-Cov2, and it’s variants. Look up the battle of germ vs terrain theory. The most famous advocate of this theory has been the ex-virologist and biologist Stefan Lanka. And some Americans like Tom Cowan and Amandha Volmer among some others. He makes some observations and claims that should be thoroughly researched, but the current establishment is unwilling to go through all that. And even the supreme court in Germany declared in his favor that the existence of Measles virus was not proven or at least Lanka’s own criteria was not met. But also in my opinion he mixes up his personal worldview and politics into his microbiological research and scientific approach. That creates a bias to his claims and makes them questionable.

For example, according to him when every basic need has been fulfilled then there is no need to fight for anything. That sounds a kind of Marxist humanist interpretation of the world. That stands in the opposition to Biblical or even Vedic worldview, or even practical historical evidence where there are opposing forces whether they are seen as “good” and “bad”, “God” or “Demons” or just as spiritually developed/advanced constructive entity or force versus “underdeveloped” force or entity like in Vedic tradition. And lower or “bad” forces always try to destroy the higher and “good” ones out of sheer envy regardless of whether any imaginable physical need has been fulfilled or not. Like in the story of Cain and Abel. Or the dynamics between Karna and Arjuna in Vedas. And in many other folklore stories.

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Personally I’m somewhere in the middle way in this issue too. I am ready to accept that there is no SARS-Cov2 branch of viruses, but I’m not yet ready to trash the whole germ theory having had hepatitis A as a souvenir from my first out-of-Europe tourist trip back in 1994 when I went to Turkey with my family. Or at least I experienced identical symptoms of it as it’s described in official virology with it’s incubation period. The inflammation came from somewhere and it was not just herxheimer kind of cleansing process or immediate poisoning that Lanka says the causes of illnesses are. Food or any other poisoning or it’s physical reaction is usually quite immediate and comes along within few hours of the exposure. I had about two weeks incubation period before falling sick back home in Finland. Exactly as it’s in the books of virology. We ate the same foods and went to same places with other family members and they didn’t get sick. Only difference was that I went to a dirty toilet on a riverboat during our day trip near Alanya. I’m very confident in saying I got something from there and my illness was not just inborn cleansing or herxheimer reaction. The inflammation was a result of something whether a virus or other still unknown microbe or some energetic factor that is still unknown to mainstream science and the so called “virology”.

How to Detox The Covid Vaccine?

Let’s get back to how to detox the Covid “vaccine” or jab as it has been called as it does not even fulfill the medical definition of a vaccine. Nobody knows how serious the long term scenario will eventually be, how many will die and how soon, but so far it seems things are panning out just like the brave independent and outspoken doctors and researchers warned before the whole show started. But unfortunately many of them appear to be controlled opposition, even Robert Malone. Although prediction of immediate deadly cytokine storm when coming across with another live virus did not occur in the way for instance Prof. Dolores Cahill initially described. But people are dropping dead at a steady pace as we speak what ever the medical cause or biological mechanism is.

There are many supplements and antioxidants that supposedly will help to neutralize the damage done by the spike protein to some degree. And help to get rid of the Graphene Oxide. Here and here are some of them listed.

Shortly, combining some of these will probably do some good if you want to detox the covid vaccine. See the exact dosing from those sites.

Vitamin C

N-Acetylcysteine (NAC)


Pine Needle Tea (a natural source of Suramin)

“La Quinta Columna recommends taking NAC 600-750mg, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Also take 2x tablets of Zinc, 25mg each.

Secondary: Astaxanthin 5mg, Querectin, milk thistle, Vitamin D3”

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The latest good news concerning the usage of Chlorine Dioxide is that according to this Japanese study it appears inactivate the binding of the variant spike proteins to the human ACE2 receptor protein, indicating that this strategy may be useful in blocking the transmission of variant SARS-CoV-2 viruses. If there is any viruses at all and not only some cell debris(Exosome theory). But even if there is no virus itself, apparently the damage caused by the spike protein could potentially be prevented. Andreas Kalcker has something to say about it too:

I would recommend taking it according to the protocol 1000 or 1000+ with DMSO.

But it should always be taken without any antioxidant, as it’s an oxidant itself and they neutralize each other. That means you have to keep it separate from the other previously listed supplements. Take CD preferably like four hours after the antioxidants or antioxidants two hours after CD. And as it states in the legal terms of this site, all experimentation at your own risk. So this is for informational purposes only and not to substitute doctors advice.

For Chlorine Dioxide I prefer Biotraxx that ships worldwide. They use glass bottles.

There is also an SGTreport broadcasting where Anna Rogers mentioned nano zeolites as a potential mean of removing some of the toxins like graphene. There are two products that are kind of rivals. Pure Body Extra and Advanced TRS. I tried them both, but it’s hard to say which one is better. These should not be taken at the same time with Chlorine Dioxide. If you go that route keep at least six hours break after the zeolite dose before CD and two hours after CD before taking the zeolite.

And lastly, for Spooky2 rife machine there is preset made that supposedly targets the mRNA modification and spike proteins created by it.  There’s also another preset for clearing up the graphene in case the spike protein theory is false. But you can try both at your own risk.

To summarize, we live the most exiting times in human history and we must also take into account the spiritual side of things as I was elaborating earlier. Repentance and spiritual cleansing is necessary what ever happens. The most prolific and amazing composer of well being music I have come across in the last four years has been Michel Pépé. Here are some of my favorite pieces from him..

Michel Pépé – La Rose Magnifique

Michel Pépé – Divin Nectar

Michel Pépé – Amour Divin

Monk statue in old Goa

And as we need to stay grounded in the real world battles, here is something to awaken the warrior spirit too in order to keep balance with the more primitive side of life. Or actually it’s better to say from Christian point of view that there should not be “balance” between good and evil, but the evil should be fought against and the acts of darkness should be exposed. The heretic masonic value system that we have in place at higher levels of society aims to worship both, the good and evil; in the night time they sacrifice children, start forest fires and poison wells(or poison the air and soil with chemtrails), while in the daytime they pretend to be good believers of God. Maintenance and cultivation of higher humanity (even just within ourselves in the form of different spirits)requires that the primitive lower structures are in check in order to secure final Victory..

Triarii – Victoria

-The featured image from 1894 manifest against vaccines under Creative Commons license.

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